Photo by Bill Derry

Years ago I discovered PechaKucha. It’s a storytelling style where you share a passion through concise storytelling - 400 second exactly accompanied by 20 images that you provide which are projected 20 seconds exactly.

It’s a challenge to create, but the finished story shines with creativity and uniqueness. It becomes a golden nugget that contributes to an evening of excitement for both the speakers and the listeners.  You’ll hear things that are being shared for the first time in public. Authenticity shines bright and it sparks all kinds of beautiful community connections.

I shared my story about what possessed me to challenge a personal truth - I’m a closet Musician. My concert debut was NYC in a most unlikely place. My leap out of the comfort zone led me to an exceptional experience and rewarded me an insight that changed me,

Intrigued? Watch a live reenactment of this uncommon adventure at

What personal truth have you recently learned about?